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Physical Biochemistry



Ms. Amelia Chiang, Ms. Azlina Banu, Ms. Farhanah, Ms. Gurpreet, Ms. Jamie, Ms. Lau Mei Chien, Ms. Lily Shelter, Ms. Nabilah, Mr. Ng Sweet Family member, Ms. Phang Ying Ning, Ms. Precilla, Ms. Rachel Tham, Ms. Rajalakshmi, Mr. Sivabalan, Ms. Tan Lee Siew

Guide 4: Phase 4 Declares of Matter

1 .

Hydrogen gas takes up a several. 60 D container in 760 torr. Calculate the quantity it takes up at 2 . 25 credit at a consistent temperature.

(1. 6 L)

2 .

Nitrogen gas a part of a 1. 85 L ship exerts a pressure of 1. 00 credit at 0 oC. Determine the required enhancements made on temperature to increase the pressure of nitrogen gas to 1. 65 atm after it has been transferred to a 1. 50 T vessel.

(92. 297)


An empty reservoir of 3 dm3 has a mass of 897. 3 g. It is filled up with propane gas, C3H8, in 25 u

C to a pressure of three. 30 atm. Calculate the mass with the tank after it is loaded. (Assuming the expansion with the tank via an increase in temp is negligible) (915. 141 g)


A mixture of respectable gases is made up of 4. 46 moles of Neon and 0. seventy four moles of Krypton and y skin mole of Xenon at a pressure of two atm.


Determine sumado a mole of Xenon in case the partial pressure of Neon is 1 ) 214 atm. (2. 148 moles)


Determine the partial pressure of Krypton.

[Sep 2014]

(0. a couple of atm)


Calculate the quantity of moles of sulfur dioxide gas, SO2, transported within a 2 L container by s. big t. p.

(0. 089 mole)


Water has a vapour pressure of 24 mm Hg by 25 В°C and 182 mm Hg at 67 В°C. Compute the heat of vaporization.

[Sep 2011]

(40. 685 kJ mole-1)

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