Vincent Freeman in Andrew Niccol's Gattaca

 Vincent Freeman in Toby Niccol’s Gattaca Essay

A separate, self-willed and chronic character yet an in-valid. Vincent Freeman, a character in Andrew Niccols film " Gattaca” accomplishes more, although being imperfect whereas the ideal not so much. Gattaca focuses on the perfection as well as the high anticipations but not so many achieve as much as Vincent will. In the film, Anton Freeman, his young brother features several rounds with him in the game ‘Chicken' and Anton would get all the time, a sudden change happens where Vincent comes out on top. Through the entire film a solid bond technically connects Irene and Vincent, although Vincent is the just in-valid to achieve, there are many perfectionists who achieve a lot also. The ‘Chicken' game can be described as game that Vincent and his brother Anton played when they were young, where they can swim away into the ocean and the individual that gives up first would be the Chicken breast and thats where that they got ‘The Chicken' video game from. Vincent lost the majority of the times, nevertheless he chooses to go away because everyone around him and his family doubts him of achieving his fantasy, like when Vincent's dad tells him " The only way you're going to begin to see the inside of a spaceship is if you were cleaning it. ” This brief review made by his father encourages and helps Vincent create a better self esteem because he didn't attention what people said about him any more. Through-out the film Vincent and Anton meet again and have another game of Chicken. Because last game of Poultry Vincent comes out on top again, Anton asks him " How have you done any of this kind of? ” and Vincent responses " You wish to know how i had it?..... We never preserved anything pertaining to the swimming back. ” It is that moment that Anton and Vincent uncover the true predatory instincts of Vincent. It is also clear that Vincent has accomplished something he was not designed to do. He also shows everyone incorrect and especially his own family. The film Gattaca have a whole lot of interactions and a genuine between character types like Jerome Morrow and Vincent Freeman, but there exists one that reveals a lot more...

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