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Jermrit Deeprom 303228476 BUS512A Fall2014

1 . What are the revenue avenues for TechMall?

The earnings streams to get TechMall generally divide into three parts. First earnings stream stems from merchant one time setup fee 750$, but there is very for stores who create since Beta period. Second is monthly statement charge, which fundamentally charge retailers monthly besides no charge intended for the initial set up month. The very last one is purchase fee, which in turn charges 2% for each deal by customer and the optimum is 200$.

installment payments on your What drives each of the earnings streams and exactly how much really does TechMall be prepared to earn by each stream?

For total growth of TechMall, specifically initial success is driven by marketing strategy that creates the partnership with merchant aggregators. This is the essential that delivers the customer to TechMall and generates a large one-time build fee. In order for TechMall to grow, they must bring even more merchants to the system. More importantly, they also need to help vendors grow all their business. Similarly, for the monthly cost, they must constantly add the merchants so that this income stream grows. Besides, intended for the deal fees, they will grow this revenue stream by elevating advertising to draw potential customers with their website. This kind of following happen to be what they expect to earn from each stream. - Setup fee: $750 ( nonrefundable ) apart from merchants who have set up in beta test period. - Month-to-month statement payment: $50 (no charge intended for initial month).

- Deal Fee: 2% of total sales us dollars from every transaction ($200 maximum), which usually split 30% to vendor aggregators.

several. Given the level of activity in each earnings stream, compare the amount of revenue expected via each earnings stream while using actual revenue. Is TechMall getting their expected earnings from each of the revenues channels?

It is obvious that TechMall is not getting their expected revenue via each of the revenue streams,...

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