Stratification: Sociology and Interpersonal Structure

 Stratification: Sociology and Sociable Structure Article

What have been the major characteristics of fixing patterns of stratification in the Caribbean? Demonstrate specific data to support the answer.

An egalitarian culture is one in which no-one is grouped as poor or wealthy, as most members will be equal. Even so there is no this kind of society! Persons can only desire that one working day our society will be egalitarian, but the reality is, we are in a society based on course, exploitation, oppression, privilege and status and although the couche in the Carribbean has changed slightly, it nonetheless exists. For Haralambos and Holborn (2004), stratification ‘refers to the presence of distinct social teams which are placed one over a other when it comes to factors including prestige and wealth'. With accordance to this definition Mustapha describes cultural stratification because ‘structured interpersonal inequality' which can be the bumpy distribution of wealth, electrical power, prestige, opportunities and impact on.

According to the watch of Karl Marx, classes came about when the difference in income was so great that this enabled one group of people to use the labour of one other. The exploiters were usually a small group of persons plus the exploited, a big group without having property buying nothing, however labour. This scenario of the wealthy exploiting poor people can be tracked back to captivity days. The exploiters creatures the planting owners had been white in race, plus the slaves of African ancestry being those people exploited. The pattern of stratification in the Caribbean, with all the rich white wines dominating poor people blacks has evolved over the years. The closed society that was present during slavery was based exclusively on ascribed statuses which will Mustapha explains as' the ones that are fixed at birth and unchangeable during a persons life-time. A persons' race and sex are example of ascribed statuses. Feminist S, Firestone showed that sex-class system in which men belong to the dominant tenir class and ladies, regardless of their very own economic situation, sit on the...

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