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1 . After observing the movie, do you really agree that Jeff Skilling and Ashton kutcher Lay had been the " smartest folks in the room” or will it possibly depend on the bedroom? I believe Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling were the smartest guys within the room. The idea of inflating the price of stock and manipulating their income by using potential profits, closing down electricity plants and next generation ideas (on- require with blockbuster) was wise. It basically did boost the revenues of Enron. I believe their failure was not reinvesting the earnings into the suggestions they actually was required to make them become a reality. I think their very own failure to reinvest their very own profits led to the death of Enron.

2 . Skilling emphasized in the testimony just before Congress that he was just acting inside the interests of the shareholders. Do you agree? So why or obtain? I argue. Skilling was acting on the interest of himself and those in top administration at Enron. They raised the price of the stock and cashed out leaving them with the profits as well as the Enron investors were left without whatever. As the stock was falling many of the persons in top rated management kept Enron with gains in income.

a few. Are there other people whose pursuits should Skilling also have recently been protecting? I think Skilling must have protected the eye of the people that Enron maintained (their staff, their buyers, the state of California). They should have already been more concerned with providing a better product and service than trying to unnaturally inflate their very own stock price.

4. Ken Lay is said to have " wrapped him self in the hide of moral rectitude. ” Are you aware other people who undertake this image? Name a good example. In your look at, does this sort of behavior worth more or less trust among this kind of people? Why or really want to? My pastors, deacons or some of my personal role versions growing up all implemented this photo. This behavior creates more trust provided that your actions back it up or at least appear to add to its validity. It's definitely a way for people to feel close to you, trust you or relate to you.


five. What concept does the movie deliver relating to regulation compared to " free of charge markets”? Do you consider this communication is appropriate?

The message that free marketplaces invite data corruption and that regulation is the best approach to take to prevent file corruption error. I think totally free markets are the most effective way to grow corporations and boost the value from the stock. We also usually do not believe that totally free markets make a vehicle for dishonesty in the corporation but instead the people inside the corporation can create a culture of dishonesty.

Enron's culture

6. One of the people interviewed inside the movie claims that presently there existed a " senior high school mythology” for Enron. What did the girl mean by simply that? Was that good or bad for Enron as well as stakeholders? Everyone wants to be the the majority of popular dude in the room. It absolutely was good since it helped to increase the stock price. However , the plan failed because the company was regulated by the stock traders " the inmates were jogging the asylum. ” The stock traders would not have any kind of regard for top level management or perhaps stock slots.

7. In line with the movie, Enron emphasized a " get ranking and yank” model of employee evaluation. Explain the unit and discuss whether this is a reasonable procedure for a effective organization.

The " get ranking and yank” was in which they positioned their staff into types of production. There were the top 10 %, the middle per cent and the staying bottom 20 percent. Every employee in the underlying part 20 percent was fired. I do think this approach is definitely reasonable for top level corporations to hold fresh and innovative suggestions. General Electric (GE) employs this same style. Also, if GE produces a product that is not it leading 2 of its category; then they is going to discontinue that product.


8. According to the movie, that which was Jeff Skilling's rationale when you use the company's exceptional application of draw to market accounting? Was Enron's application of the mark-to-market approach appropriate? How did the income reported beneath this approach out-do...

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