Of Mice and Men: Company

 Of Rats and Guys: Companionship Dissertation

Hannah Leverenz

Ms. Foster

British 10 H

November 20, 2012

Depressed and Dangerous

Companionship is actually a necessary element in life for all because it supplies a sense of empathy towards fellow individuals. When the first is deprived of close other types of relationships, he or she has nobody to check out for support, resulting in bottled up thoughts, which leads to bitterness and anger. In his novella Of Mice and Men, Steve Steinbeck reveals how the lack of companionship triggers one to become insensitive as well as cruel toward others throughout the actions in the lonely guys on the hacienda who will be apathetic from being exclusively for too long. Steinbeck uses diction and characterization while recounting Carlson's insensitive heartless shooting of Candy's puppy to portray the indifference that occurs in the lonely lives of the males residing for the ranch. Though Carlson detects the old mans discomfort, he persists in asking Candy to capture the dog, and brushes away Candy's " uneasy” look (Steinbeck 47). Instead of demonstrating compassion and respecting Candy's attachment to his dog, Carlson pushes the matter and instructs Chocolate to " get it over with” (47). Carlson cannot relate to the bond that Candy stocks and shares with his dog because Carlson does not enjoy an intimate companionship in his personal life. Steinbeck utilizes portrayal to present Carlson as a manipulative man who have only looks at his very own feelings and disregards the ones from others. As they is so only, he would not have one to reprimand him for this patterns and continually act within a selfish way. Steinbeck also uses diction to describe Candies as owning a " hopeful” tone as he feels that Carlson will see his distress and reconsider capturing the dog (47). However , following being continually pestered by simply Carlson, that will not surrender until he gets his way, Chocolate " hopelessly” gives in the demands and lets his companion be taken away and shot (47). Carlson attempts to persuade Chocolate by saying that " it won't hurt him [the dog] non-e at all” (47). Carlson...

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