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 Maslow’s Evaluation Essay

Maslow's Assessment Test La'Shaundra Young Speedy Dr . Lunceford PSY 330 March up to 29, 2009 Maslow's Assessment Test Maslow's pecking order of requires, theorized by Abraham Maslow, details the value of demands, often visualized in a pyramid format.. The greater needs, inside the higher, only come into enjoy, once the lower levels demands are met. The online examination, at SimilarMinds. com, obtained me in comparisonto Maslow's theory, with me to answer thirty-six questions. My reactions were won according to Maslow's pecking order of demands. The evaluation mainly consisted of thirty-six questions, in which I had fashioned to response ranges coming from inaccurate to very exact. My results were not surprising to my opinion at all. My own results, first and foremost, stated that physiological requirements were being effectively met. Physiologicalneeds, such as drinking water and meals, are considered the most important, in Maslow's theory. With that key lower level will need, in his theory, I am able to push above one stage further, in the structure, which is safety needs. Security needs consistsconsist of security and safety. The examination stated that my needs ended uphad been adequately protected in this area as well. Questions, on the assessment, that we felt like that covered this segment were a little peculiar, in my opinion. One particular asked, " DoI feel like I would be a crime victim? ” I feel that no one seems that they will turn into a crime victim. Who intentionally sets out to get a crime sufferer? My level in the take pleasure in section was extremely low. I have zero type of interpersonal connections of any kind. My spouse and i am married, but my spouce and i really do not display any type of emotions, so I do feel ignored. Not only by him, yet from my personal mother too. I was also working with some personal issues related to loving myself. Since my needs are not staying met in this area, I am deficient in the later areas as well. Naturally, according to Maslow's theory, since me were not fulfilled in the previous pecking order level, after that any amounts following...

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