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 Marketing Essay


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Food and Tourism Management

HT 1020 advertising in H& T Survey

____Title: MARKETING_______

Class: DHT 1

Lecturer: Mr. Jeffrey Lee

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1 ) Michael 1009/7446

2 . William 1009/7357

a few. Cecily 1206/9880

4. Allen 1107/8659

Rex 1011/7673


1 . Introduction

2 . S. W. U. T Matrix

3. Concentrate on customers

4. ProductпјЊPriceпјЊPlaceпјЊPromotion

your five. Conclusion

6th. References


The National Museum of Singapore is a national museum in Singapore plus the oldest art gallery in Singapore. Its record dates back to 1849 mainly because it was started out as a part of a selection at Singapore Institution. After several relocations, the Museum was moved to their permanent site at Stamford Road with the Museum Organizing Area in 1887.

The Museum is one of the 4 national museums in the country, the other 3 being both the Asian Civilisations Museums at Empress Place Building and Old Tao Nan School, and the Singapore Art Museum. The art gallery focuses on demonstrates related to the of Singapore. The Art gallery was named the Countrywide Museum of Singapore in 1965. For a simple period among 1993 and March 06\, it was referred to as Singapore History Museum, before reverting returning to its prior name. The Museum experienced a three-and-a-half-year restoration and reopened about December two, 2006, together with the Singapore Background Gallery starting on December 8 of the same year.

S. W. U. T Matrix

Now, we is likely to make SWOT matrix clear that you could know about the museum better. The T. W. Um. T. evaluation for the National Museum of Singapore is what gives the viewer the knowledge to easily observe what is incorrect and isn't wrong with all the museum, whilst providing information on possibilities the museum can capitalize on and what dangers could damage the museum.

The strengths were not hard to distinguish. I discovered four different styles: For universities programmes, cinematheque, host of traveling exhibits (Singapore Background Gallery, Singapore Living Galleries and museums - Picture taking ), number of exceptional events(The Wedding gown - A Curator's Head to, Unfortunate Lives, Kiasu Occasions: Comic Books because Windows in to Singapore in the 1980s and 1990s). I want to talk about the schools programmes pertaining to student. This year, we bring in new programs and exhibitions that will immediately encourage students and youngsters to understand and appreciate Singapore's history and historical past. We want college students to be meaningfully engaged, inspired and for them to participate in posting our background culture with others. Because of this , we have come up with exciting new programmes, just like our dedicated filmmaking and photography training courses, which built to give college students and youngsters a means to document the past and a system to tone their tips. We hope that students is going to realise that history is around all of us and that we could learn and understand Singapore's history in a variety of ways. All of these happen to be huge postives for the national museum that can be capitalized on in the event done correctly.

The museum's some weakness is what they should pay attention to the the majority of. It is the actual should really make an effort to correct to potentially reel in new site visitors and more cash. First and foremost, regular membership and visits are suffering. It is because the individuals is demand for the Internet which will provide a lot of massage. As well, the people who has a lack of spare time as a result of much longer work several hours, or leading to reduced ethnic awareness inside the Singapore general public. This is enormous, because this means less money to utilize on promotions which are the certainly one of...


The American Museum of Natural Record: Anthropology Article


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Experiment Eee Essay