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Most immigrants are viewed as invaders of the United States and immigration can be not a very well understood subject. Barbara Kingsolver's novel, The Bean Trees, shows multiple perspectives of folks that experience my spouse and i mmigration. Inside the novel, migrants was a matter that was unknown by protagonist, The singer. As the storyplot progresses, Taylor swift meets multiple people that take part in the many areas of issues facing illegal migrants. This brings Taylor into another part of migration and as viewers follow, it makes them query if it is preferable to follow the regulation or perform what is right. The Veggie Trees suggests there is several side with the story to immigration and immigrants. By making use of elements of fictional, Kingsolver implies some immigration policies are unfair, migrants can cause visitors to live in dread and become socially reclusive, and this stereotypes aren't always correct. Kingsolver's novel depicts migration policies because unfair matters that evaluation the limits of legality and morality. These kinds of policies do not let people to be themselves. In order to demonstrate this kind of, Kingsolver integrates two helping, dynamic heroes: Estevan and Esperanza. The two of these illegal migrants changed all their names to Steven and Hope if they met two Americans that weren't aware that they were illegal (104). This can be a field that reveals trust via Estevan to Taylor, because they said their very own real titles to her but not to the two others plus the point wherever they all understand that if their identities are revealed they could be repaid. The author uses dialogue to clarify why people do things and how some people are ignorant. Taylor, the protagonist, had a dialogue with Estevan on why they found America. This individual also shared some of the elements that made them leave like how " …police use electricity for revendication... which is a proper telephone…” (134), and Taylor swift responds with, ” Will you mean that they question you over the cell phone? ”...

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