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The question today facing Hygeia is whether to integrate forwards in Nigeria - that is certainly, actually to produce eggs or perhaps meat or stop with fertile eggs or girls to be purcahased by the farmers. 1 . Queries on the case:

a) Discover Hygeia's five production insurance plan issues because enumerated in case? b) What major trouble is likely to are up against a foreign firm operating in Nigeria? c) What would you advise that should be done on this proposal? installment payments on your Without great policies, a small business organization could have no sense of way. a) So what do you understand by simply policy?

b) Mention and discuss you will of a great and successful policy. c) What are the advantages of written policy?

a few. Effective company performance is usually constrained simply by environmental elements. Identify and discuss the relevant environment running a business management and operations.

5 a) With a suitable diagram and appropriate examples, talk about the strategy-making levels within a diversified organization. b) Point out and go over the helping factors in strategy setup. 5 a) Clearly go over the following substitute strategies:

i) Backward and Forward The use.

ii) Merger and Acquisition tactics.

iii) Secure Growth Strategy.

iv) Incremental Expansion Strategy.

b) Give a obvious explanation in the following business planning methods: i) Goals-Down, Plans-Up Way.

ii) Top-Down Approach

iii) Bottom-Up Strategy


Expansion in Nigeria is the issue. Holly Livingstone, Vp of the Africa/Middle East Region of Hygeia International, just received a proposal coming from his Nigerian Managing Representative for a major move into fowl production. This may extend Hygeia's profitable farming activities much more in that Western world African region. Corporate Base

Hygeia International is one of the 10 leading pharmaceutical drug companies of the world. Based in the United State, Hygeia also offers laboratories and plants in many countries. Over a third of...

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