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* Functionality target achievability always extend.

* Target environment only make use of historical info and incomplete information. Therefore, many of the objectives were impractical or difficult to achieve. 5. Budget creation process not really efficient and realistic and ignore long lasting development. 2. Target and incentive systems lead split directors concentrated on their own goal achievement, which may lead difficult reaching company's approach. * Planning was been able at company level and the evaluation standard was the same for every split even if all their situation had been different and a short time range.


Clarify business strategy and spread out to all or any the members in the several division, to involve throughout level.

Facilitate top management oversight, by handling the substantial performances that corporate levels want with lower levels information about the possibilities to achieve goals and financial constraints.

Produce plan while using divisional managers that entail bottom info, a horizontal plan for long term with preparing updates in respect with the industry conditions. Being a support it could be provided a planning guidance for the department managers.

Combine capital cost management and functional budgeting, because these give a guide intended for the lengthy and temporary. In other words, think in the future when works in our. Because some problems are present in some split the use of flexible target to respond depending for the conditions in a moment of time.

Instead of evaluated department performance through the same areas is better to work with some parts of evaluation depending on performance or perhaps actual situation of the split.

Business can put personnel handles by teaching the canal and other personal in underlying part in managerial knowledge.

Company level, boost and provide more managerial providers to help the firms to gather...

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