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HOW: The study area was visited and noticed with the aid of a camera. Sketches were made from the features seen using pen. Measurements of the rocks and velocity with the river had been taken by using a tape assess and a ball. The Spanish Lake is located within the northern component to Portland, Discovery bay, jamaica. Several localities along the Spanish River were visited. Information on the features that had been observed was given to all of us by the geologist. WHEN: Feb 7, 2014.

WHERE: Spanish River, Portland.



Portland is situated on Jamaica's northeast coast with St . Thomas to the south and St Mary for the west. The main city is port Antonio, which has natural double harbours. Portland is one of the most rural parishes of Jamaica and home to some of the islands the majority of spectacular seashores. It runs from the highest peaks of Blue Mountain range at several, 402 foot above sea level down to the Caribbean Sea. It is known to be Jamaica's most beautiful parish. Portland addresses an area of about 314 rectangular miles, Making it Jamaica's 7th largest parish. Some of the significant towns inside the parish are Buff Gulf, Hope Gulf, Manchioneal and St . Margaret's Bay. Inside the direct course of northeast trade winds, the Green Mountain blocks the dampness, causing the parish to achieve the highest rain fall on the island. Much of the interior in the parish is usually inaccessible due to thick virgin forest and lush plants. The coast of this amazing parish is usually dotted with caves, bays, rivers and waterfalls. You will discover 14 souterrain, including these at Buff Bay, Lemon Bay, Hope Bay, Interface Antonio, Boston Bay, Innis Bay and non-such. You will discover 17 estuaries and rivers, the largest being the Rio Grande, Fan Bay and Hector's Water. Some of Portland's beautiful waterfalls can be found at Reach Falls and Somerset Declines. The parish also offers the Blue Lagoon, thought to be the crater of an extinct volcano.


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