Analysis of Photograph: King and Queen, Senior Citizens

 Analysis of Photograph: Ruler and Queen, Senior Citizens Article

Analysis of " California king and Full, Senior Citizens" Photograph

The image being examined here is Diane Arbus's photograph, " The King and Queen: Mature Citizens", taken in 1970. This image displays an older man and woman who are getting photographed with capes and crowns. They can be seated significantly apart and don't show any type of acknowledgement towards each other. This image appears to be about the partnership between the people in the photo. There are many situations that could explain what is going on with this image.

The woman in the photo is apparently somewhere in her mid-60s. She has short brown locks and retro-looking glasses upon that look like they arrived straight out of the 1980s. She is in a very leopard print dress and blacks new sandals. She appears to be an older female attempting to gown as a teenager. On top of her head is known as a crown suit for a princess or queen and over her dress is a silky cape. She has a wrapped gift idea seated on her behalf lap. The person in the image appears to be in his mid-80s. He could be dressed in a suit and is wearing spectacles. He as well is wearing a crown on his head and a hat over his clothes. They are like these people were just crowned king and queen with the dance. They are being took pictures of on a counter in front of a wall. They are as if they can be being posed for the photo since they are looking frontally, towards the camera.

These two individuals are sitting pretty a long way away from each other. They appear to be unhappy and do not at all look to excited about presently there king and queen position. Perhaps they don't know one another and want that they were sitting subsequent to their mate rather than several stranger or maybe they are a couple of who have simply had a ejected. Either way, they obviously do not want to be sitting next to each other judging by the length between them. It appears to be as if both of these people were in a move, perhaps perhaps a " prom" at a senior citizens residence, and they were just identified prom california king and queen. They look like they were required to be at the dance and were...

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