Engl101Syllabus7007 2

 Engl101Syllabus7007 two Essay


English tips: Composition and Reading

Section 7007, Spring 2015

W – 6: 30-9: 35pm, MSER B223, West

Teacher: Zaid Shlah [email protected] edu

Founders Hall 240A, Telephone: 548-5793Office Hrs: TTh,

Literature and Different languages Arts1: 00-3: 00 pm hours

Sencillo Junior CollegeW, 4: 30-5: 30 pm hours


Satisfactory completion of ENGL 60 or degree by MJC Assessment method.

Advised for Success: Ahead of enrolling in this program, students will be strongly recommended to satisfactorily complete READ 184.

Course Information:

(3 Devices, 54. 00 Lecture Hours)

This course activates students regularly in important skills in reading and writing at the college level. Emphasis will probably be on exposition, argument, study, and inforqmation competency.

Students can apply self-disciplined thought to terminology in order to know and evaluate college-level psychic readings and to write college-level essays that are coherent, detailed, and free of severe error. In their essays, college students will be asked to use a number of rhetorical support including primary and extra research. back button

Course Learning Outcomes/CLOs:

The goals for this course are to help you develop the skills necessary to write expository, analytical and argumentative documents which are clear, concise, grammatically sound and stylistically persuasive. In addition , this course will assist you to interpret and evaluate text messages so that you can support and confirm a stated thesis or implied premise using comprehensive evidence. All of us will also give attention to specific kinds of essay composing such as comparison/contrast, definition and cause & effect with all the aim of boosting your rhetorical writing strategies. We may also engage in the analysis of the text through close range reading with an emphasis on becoming acquainted with and understanding rhetorical strategies such as develop, context and metaphor in addition to a focus on essential thinking, with the goal of helping you to browse and...

Cited: (A = 90-100 M = 80-89 C sama dengan 70-79 D = 60-69 F = 59 or perhaps less)

Four term papers (1500 words): 35%

The Cadaver Washer. Sinan Antoon (Yale University Press, 2013).

The Purpose of This Case Study Should be to Discuss the problems Related to Commodity and How They Should Be Accounted for Composition


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