Development at 3M Corporation

 Essay in Innovation at 3M Organization

п»ї Case: Advancement at 3M Corporation

What had been 3M's traditional way of innovation?

Product designers at 3M generally counted on more traditional methods of looking for marketing type. They collect data via sales representatives, focus groups, customer assessments, site trips, and data on risk factors for diseases. Merchandise developers largely focused on getting new angel or angle on early on trends and basically didn't have direct access to clients. In 3M, Sales associates contacted with customers to find marketing info. Product programmers were not in charge of understanding buyer requirements. There are very few industry researchers performed at 3M. Only one marketplace researcher served 900 engineers. Instead, the firm appointed out for researching the market reports coming from smaller market research firms1. The regular approach of 3M was linear and incremental innovations. This ideal is challenging to understand leading-edge customer requirements and cannot keep up with the interest rate of change in today's marketplaces competition.

Review the Lead User study methodology.


The lead consumer research method captures the rich require information had by top rated users whom are facing and working with needs that are ahead of the marketplace. The lead user research methodology draws together very different users and stimulates creative conversations. Product programmers are moved towards probably new ideas. The business lead user study methodology offers a way to obtain ideas from the industry. Product programmers are able to exposure to users immediately. The lead-user research technique provides a method to uncover wealthy information on emerging and long term customer requirements, which may support companies to find the next breakthrough discovery innovation. Limitations:

It may be challenging to identify lead users. Discovering the right people and reaching the actual lead users would be a obstacle for item team. The lead customer research process is time-consuming. The long process...

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