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 CHFS CHFS Data Download Registr Essay


工作邮箱/ Personal e-mail subsidized by your function unit:

注意:这个邮箱必须是您在就学或工作单位申请的机构邮箱,比如[email protected] swufe. edu. cn,主要用来登陆和找回密码等。我们不接受如163、126、gmail、yahoo等公共邮箱,请认真填写。Note: The mailbox should be which you happen to be in school or work devices for establishments mailbox, just like [email protected] edu. cn, It will be mainly used to get landing and retrieving password. We do not agree to as 163, 126, googlemail, yahoo and also other public post office box, please submit Carefully.

您的姓氏/Last name:

您的名字/First name:

专业/Your field of study

工作(学习)单位(包括院系)/Employer(school) (Please range from the names of department)


办公室电话号码/Office Tel.

如果您没有办公室,请填写您所在系所的办公室电话/If there is no need an office, you should provide the quantity of the division administrative business office.

单位通讯地址/Work/school da postagem address:






学生/student、大学教师/university teacher、大学研究人员/university researcher、政府机构/government agency、国际组织/international organization、研究机构/research institution、企业/business、非政府组织/NGO、其他others

学历/Highest level:

学士/Bachelor、硕士/Master、博士/Doctor、本科生/undergraduate student、硕士研究生/student in MUM program、博士研究生/student in PhD software

研究领域/Research area:

经济/Economics、人口学/Demography、健康服务/Health Services、金融/Finance、市场营销/Marketing、健康科学/Health Science、统计学/Statistics、心理学/Psychology、 社会学/Sociology、公共政策/Public Policy、其他/ Other

使用数据的主要目的/Intended utilization of data:

政府研究/government research、纯学术研究/pure research、商业研究/commercial research、研究咨询/research consultancy、教学目的/teaching purposes、论文或课程/thesis or perhaps coursework 、个人兴趣/personal interest

所需数据的研究项目的标题和摘要(中文或英文,500字左右即可)/Title and sum up of research project for which the information are requested(Chinese or English language, about five-hundred words)

研究项目的持续时间/Duration of analysis of project...

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