Bm 3614 Professional Selling & Sales Supervision Product Features & Rewards Deconstruction

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BM 3614 Professional Providing & Sales Management

Product Features & Benefits Deconstruction

and Creation of a ‘Silent Seller'

You have to do this assignment if you failed assignment one particular

Briefing Linen for Project 1

Synthetic Step

1 ) Select any single concrete product OR PERHAPS intangible services of your choice.

2 . Secure a brochure or perhaps download various other product info from the web.

3. Make a list of what you consider to be the most important product features. In this framework the ‘cutting & pasting' of story information from the source materials is allowed.

4. Hyperlink your list of features every with a corresponding benefit to create feature / benefit pairs. This examination and list will be captured in a Powerpoint slide (refer to glide templates).

5. Execute a ‘benchmark' comparability between your picked product and either a known as single competitor or with similar competitor products on the whole. Be sure to offer a clear mention of your picked product's benchmarking as both ‘o' (equivalent), ‘+' (better than), or ‘-‘ (worse than)you comparator. Your benchmarking comparison will also be captured in a Powerpoint go (refer to slide templates).

Silent Vendor Narrative

six. Create a general equivalence affirmation based on the ‘o's.

six. Create a particular recommendations affirmation based on the ‘+'s.

almost 8. Highlight which in turn potential objections have been determined based on the ‘-‘s.

being unfaithful. Create statement/s as to how you intend to manage potential arguments. Collectively, the silent seller narrative will probably be captured within a Powerpoint go (refer to slide templates).

Source Material

10. Types of your source material must be submitted with your Assignment.

Therefore Would I actually Buy one?

11. The overall degree of convincingness of the rationale and recommendation can also be assessed.

Mark Allocation

doze. Marks will probably be awarded on the following basis:

- Go 1 . Your...

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