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Finance – Ben and Jerry's Circumstance


1 . Do you accept Ben & Jerry's current mission affirmation? Why or perhaps why not? The Ben and Jerry's Objective Statement is a bit contradictory, as their economic level stresses bringing up value pertaining to the shareholders, meanwhile they are really in the business of distributing several. 5% with their pre tax earnings to social fundamentals and community action groupings. The product point can work in conjunction with the social and economic aspects, but the factors about cultural responsibility and maintaining rewarding growth is difficult to accomplish. 2

2 . How has Bill & Jerry's fulfilled the mission declaration? What data can you provide regarding Bill & Jerry's performance to each of the 3 dimensions from the mission affirmation? Product: Ben and Jerry's product have been well received is the main reason the organization has been powerful. Their unique tastes such as Delicious chocolate Fudge Brownie are progressive within the ice cream industry. Economical: The Company is not very effective in their initiatives to maintain lucrative growth. The share price has remained comparatively flat, plus the graph on exhibit two shows that investors would have recently been better off buying an index tracking fund pertaining to the s i9000 and p 500 than investing in bill and jerry's stock. Spoos tries to simulate the overall U. S market using a superior weighting program. They have nevertheless managed to grow their product sales at a comparatively consistent basis over the past 6 years. Sales have grown at an average of 10% per year since 1994, and grew 13% in 1999. Sociable – Ben and Jerry's Emphasis on social aspects continues to be impressive. Returning 7. five per cent of pre tax profits to the community and using their product to supply sustainable development in Brazil nut and cashew market.

several. Can Bill & Jerry's be exceptional in all three dimensions in the mission statement? What goal is most significant? Ben and Jerry's may be excellent in all of the three dimensions of their quest statement in the event that they...

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