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Marine Carriers obtains a lease for a deliver over 3 years starting in 2003. However , the company currently does not keep qualified ships that can fulfill customers' demand. Our record is not only to support Ms. Linn to decide if to purchase a new ship nevertheless also offer a reasonable suggestion on how very long to hold for the ship regarding the NPV and long term possible of dry bulk sector. Upon business operating in U. S or H. T, we consider four situations accordingly. In convenient of financial analysis, we all propose a number of assumptions relating to tax price, expected daily hire charge salvage benefit and growth rate. Underneath different cases valuation, we all apply certain assumptions combined with scenario's condition, while the following calculation indicating. Based on the research using data in case, we finally recommend that Ocean Holds should work business in H. E and support the ship intended for 25 years.


To begin with analysis, all of us forecast approximate development of daily spot price regarding delivery market supply and require. We first of all observe advertising conditions in 2001 and 2002, after which estimate changes in spot charge. In 2001, 63 new ships will probably be delivered, that may both evidently boost market supply band inevitably cause more intense market competition. However , market demand nearly remains unchanged because world iron ore shipping stayed stagnant. As a result, the supply will surpass require so that the level tends to fall. While in 2002, the marketing state may alter. Specially, the number of new boats slump about 50 percent, coming from 63 to 33. In contrast, world straightener oral shipping is likely to climb by simply 2%. Therefore , the previous difference between market supply and demand will probably be compressed. Consequently, daily location rate is likely to increase when compared to 2001. Regarding long-term prediction on dried out bulk industry, we consider more elements including creation, trading design and exportation. Generally, equally production and exportation is going to escalate. For example, Australia will certainly stimulate total production, which eventually adds to the world development. Additionally , the trading pattern will change because of Western Europe preferring transfer Australia rather than U. S. Consequently, complete iron ore industry will probably be on speedy increasing monitor. Thus, even more vessels will probably be involved in to iron ore transportation, after which dry mass industry could possibly be prosperous in long term.

Basic Assumption

Predicted daily charter rate

As Ocean Carriers frequently charters it is ships with contract for a time, we imagine customers is going to still have to sign more contracts for the deliver after the 3-year contract. Consequently , expected daily hire price is based on normal daily marketplace charter level, which is adjusted by marketplace fluctuation. Especially, daily market charter level from 2002 to 2006 will climb 2 . 2% per year in comparison to the 2% industry growth price. After that, the expansion rate will remain 1 . 2% per year until 2027. Repair value & Depreciation

All of us assume that the ship's repair value following 25 years use is zero, this means there is no book value kept at the end of 2027. In the event the ship can be scrap following 15 years operation, recycle value will be 5 million, which is similar to repair value. With this situation, boat will be declined on a straight-line basis over 15 years. In addition , study expense will probably be depreciated following it takes place. Tax charge

To determine taxes effect, all of us assume that in the event Ocean Carriers mainly run its business in U. S, the business will suffer a 35% taxes rate. In the meantime, if it is situated in HK, the corporation will enjoy tax free policy.


Under the assumptions above, we all calculate the NPV in four cases. Specific calculation is proven as Appendix at the end of the essay. Scenarios

Depreciation 12 months

Tax Level

Repair Value ($)

NPV ($)

1 (Appendix1)




-7, 267, 952

2 (Appendix2)




368, 557

a few (Appendix3)



your five Million

-7, 389, 315


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